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Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

How is our Curriculum Extraordinary?


Listen to what educational and business professionals have to say…

Kody’s Kozy Kennel is a creative way to teach and learn the fundamental aspects of financial literacy. It covers everything you need to know, from credit management to financing a business. The curriculum provides the instructor with a detailed lesson plan and educates the students with engaging photo-images and easy-to-read scripts. The module includes definitions and interesting storylines to illustrate the “how-to’s” of financial literacy. Our future of competing globally as entrepreneurs will require a well-designed curriculum to adequately prepare our students. I am sure you will agree that this curriculum is one of the best on the market today.
~ Deshawn Johnson, CPC, ELI-MP, Founder of Black E-Commerce and Small Business Coach

R U Ready 4 BIZness is an exceptional curriculum and program. The program has been a great success and the impact it has had on the students is insurmountable. The subject matter and experience the students are exposed to are on a collegiate platform. The entrepreneurial pedagogy is innovative and invigorating. The curriculum has built the students’ self-esteem, empowerment, and leadership and prepared them to compete globally. R U Ready 4Bizness encourages students to strive for success and explore entrepreneurship as a future career.
~ James Hearn, Principal, Marcus Garvey Academy

As an educator and business woman, Laketa Dumas has perfectly captured the wide open field of entrepreneurship in America’s public schools. While emphasizing the need to include special needs students, she has painstakingly researched and assembled a unique curriculum that will serve as a model for the educational creativity of entrepreneurship in an inclusionary setting.
~ Kenneth L. Dudley, Special Education Instructor, Detroit Public Schools

As a social studies educator and inclusionary specialist, I find the curriculum that Laketa Dumas has created to be captivating and inspiring. She has transformed a subject that is ordinarily so tedious for students into a fun, teachable model. The China story is so stimulating and includes top-notch pictures, activities and lessons for continued engagement. The terminology utilized within the story depicts topics that students can relate to. Ms. Dumas has truly brought the experience to the classroom.
~ Mrs. Christy Leverett, M.Ed. Social Studies Instructor, Detroit Public School

R U Ready 4 BIZness is a highly innovative idea to tap into the talents of our youth. This is a very creative learning platform for students.
~ Dr. Carol Marie Boyer, Professor, Long Island University

The curriculum R U Ready 4 BIZness engages students in the multi-faceted levels of learning that include cognitive, affective and kinesthetic activities that teach students the aspects of entrepreneurship. The chapters consistently engage students with high rigor by using vocabulary, strategies, procedure and scenarios that allow the students to learn at their own pace through differentiated activities based upon their comfort levels. Additionally, each chapter can relate to a student’s level of knowledge by using language that they are familiar with, topics that they identify with, careers that they are interested in, and situations that they will encounter in entrepreneurship. This highly relevant curriculum engages students in real-world life experiences that teach them how to become successful in any type of entrepreneurship endeavor, from starting their own small business to running their own corporation or franchise. This curriculum is unmatched in its level of detail, activities, engagement and experiences to prepare students for the world of entrepreneurship.
~ George R. Reece Jr, M.Ed.


The silent epidemic that our nation keeps failing to address is our high school drop out rate. The EP program is here to turn those statistics around for both general and special education students.

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