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Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

Entrepreneurship Project


Mission Statement
Our mission is to transform lives and empower new age innovators to become the business leaders of tomorrow. 

Vision Statement
The Entrepreneurship Project will be the world’s most innovative inclusionary program, preparing disadvantaged and at-risk youths to be successful business owners and change society’s perception of individuals with disabilities. 

In 2007, the founder, Laketa Dumas, launched an entrepreneurship program for general and special needs students to learn collaboratively. The Entrepreneurship Project (EP) is a specialized inclusionary entrepreneurship program that meets the unique learning styles of marginalized youth. It was designed to create new career options, reduce the dropout rate, raise the self-esteem of students and provide tools for competition in the global marketplace.  

Program Recognition and Awards
The Michigan Chronicle and The Detroit News have done press releases on the EP, calling it “the country’s first inclusionary entrepreneurship program”. The Entrepreneurship Project has received several awards, including the Educator 500 Award from the 3E Institute Excellent Educator in Entrepreneurship from West Chester University in Pennsylvania, the National Leavey Award for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education and the National Entrepreneurship Award for Outstanding Leadership in the Field of Business Creativity and Entrepreneurship by the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education. Ms. Dumas’s class was recognized as the Best Entrepreneurship Classroom in Michigan by the Council for Exceptional Children.

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EP Intro Part 1

The Entrepreneurship Project (EP) is the first inclusionary entrepreneurship program in the country designed for disabled and non-disabled students.

EP Intro Part 2

Never before have special and general education students established a joint venture, nor has there been a curriculum developed to meet the learning styles of both groups.

EP Intro Part 3

The program uses differentiated instruction to teach students who have learning disabilities and cognitive impairments in collaboration with their general education peers.