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Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

R U Ready 4 BIZness Curriculum

R U Ready 4 BIZness is the most practical, realistic and innovative curriculum available. No educational product on today’s market comes close. R U Ready 4 BIZness is a hands-on entrepreneurship curriculum that will revolutionize education. It is the first role-playing curriculum, full of real-world scenarios and hands-on activities. Students walk through each step of starting and running a business. R U Ready 4 BIZness will unleash skills, talents and gifts from all who use it. It will ignite creative ideas, concepts and solutions. Students will explore endless possibilities, creating and learning how to patent their own products, start a nonprofit, protect their literary work, start their own businesses, write their own business plans, and so much more. Even students who do not envision themselves as entrepreneurs will learn concepts necessary for everyone, such as financial planning, credit protection, budgeting, protecting our environment, living healthy lifestyles, preparing for college, choosing a career, working as a team and so much more.

R U Ready 4 BIZness Student Textbook $92.85 – 925 pages

Pupils Book Cover

R U Ready 4 BIZness is the first role-playing curriculum, full of real-world scenarios, where students walk through each step of starting and running a business. The entire curriculum is skit-oriented. Students are engaged from start to finish in simulated activities of starting and running company. The curriculum contains six modules: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Literacy, Intellectual Property, and Importing and Exporting. It offers Critical Thinking assignments that build problem solving skills, forward thinking, and research and technology skills.

Each chapter contains a suggested reading list and a required essay to complete at the end, building reading, writing and comprehension skills imperative for standardized tests, college and adulthood. The essay writing builds reading, writing and comprehension skills which are imperative for standardized tests, college and adulthood.

R U Ready 4 BIZness Teacher Textbook $189.85 – 1238 pages

Teacher Book Cover

Each chapter outlines Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, differentiated instruction procedures and learning objectives. Each chapter is also aligned with the Common Core Standards, National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship and National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education. As educators, we are aware of the diversity of methods needed to reach the various learning styles within a classroom. We have worked diligently to “leave no child behind”. Our goal was to create a user-friendly, “all in one” teacher book, equipped with everything necessary for cost-effective, easy facilitation of the lessons. The teacher book contains the text of the student book with an answer key, plus supplemental materials, assessments and an instructional guide for the workbook, making classroom management feasible and instructional time more productive. The book was designed to minimize paperwork and preparation time. We have provided everything in simple, step-by-step format. All chapters include a teacher preparation checklist, lesson plans, trip suggestions, and many other resources to ensure smooth deliverance of the instructional material. Just open the book and teach!

R U Ready 4 BIZness Student Workbook $50.85 – 632 pages

Workbook Cover

The workbook is filled with real-world business applications used by entrepreneurs. It teaches students step-by step how to conduct a feasibility study, develop and patent their own products, protect their literary works through copyrights, create a financial portfolio, purchase stocks, understand credit and so much more. Each chapter contains an intensified Team Challenge or Team Experience where students compete in simulated activities such as developing a product, raising money for a nonprofit organization, creating an interactive game, developing a fashion line, creating a healthy entrée, developing an eco-friendly system and so much more. The activities encourage students to be innovative, research and technology-oriented, team players, analytical thinkers and leaders.

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