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Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

Who Are We?


Laketa Dumas is the founder and CEO of R U Ready 4 Bizness. She is responsible for the development of the curriculum, strategic planning, research and development, marketing, sales, management and employment within the company. She holds a bachelor’s degree in management, a master’s in entrepreneurship and is currently pursuing a doctorate. Her dissertation focus is ‘‘Designing an Inclusionary Entrepreneurship Program for High Schools’’. She has fifteen years of experience in venture creation and business consulting.


Batya Cohen is the Chief Editor and Educational Advisor. She is responsible for the copy editing and oversees the proofing of all publications as well as making sure the curriculum is aligned with the latest in educational standards and methods. Ms. Cohen has sixteen years of experience editing. She has been teaching the cognitively impaired for eleven years and holds a master’s degree in special education. She has also taught and tutored general education students.

Ellen Greenblatt is the Associate Editor. She is responsible for editing and proofreading. Ms. Greenblatt has a background in law and has been an editor at a major legal publishing company for over twenty years. She holds a Juris Doctorate degree and has worked with many authors in developing their manuscripts.


Dr. Phyllis Furlow-Holmes is the Chief Educational Consultant Trainer. She trains teachers to become certified RUReady4BIZness Entrepreneurship Coaches. Dr. Holmes holds two doctorates- in education and psychology, and has been teaching special education for over twenty years.


Matthew Hester is the Director of Outreach and Community Relations. He presents the curriculum to schools and organizations and builds partnerships with corporate businesses, local agencies, civic groups, schools and community groups. Mr. Hester leads the sales team and trains new salespeople to present the curriculum to various schools and organizations.

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The destiny of our children is everyone’s responsibility and we must all join together in directing their paths. We are not limited by our disabilities, setbacks or failures, but by the fear of our ability to achieve. -Laketa Dumas

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