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Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

Youth University


Kidpreneurs University is an exciting, hands-on entrepreneurship program that teaches all of the intricacies of starting and running a company to elementary aged students. Our lessons are aligned with grade level benchmark standards. We have designed a customized curriculum to infuse the entrepreneurship spirit within younger learners. We go "back to the basics” by running a lemonade stand, starting a cookie company, developing a product, etc. Students will say “good-bye” to the days of tedious pencil and paper work and “hello” to hands-on, real life, exciting, activities. The students are going to love Kidpreneurs University so much; they will hardly realize they are learning!



Afterschool Program

•  Choose a Product to Create

•  Identify Your Target Market

•  Develop a Product

•  Price the Product

•  Develop a Marketing Strategy

• Design a Flyer

Afterschool Program (3rd to 5th grade)

Sixteen Sessions

We will launch a Product Development Project. We will meet with students twice a week for 45 minutes. Students will work in groups to complete the project.  

The project includes:

•  Developing a company

•  Product development

•  Marketing research

•  Advertising

•  Pricing strategies

•  Feasibility study

•  Fundraising

•  Intellectual property

•  Selling techniques

•  Product launching

In Schools (6th to 8th grade)

Materials Included: Curriculum and supplies  

We will come to your school and launch a 4 week explosive RU Ready 4 BIZness project. We will meet with your students once a week for 45 minutes. Students and teachers will learn hands-on business components. There are six courses; you may take all six or select the ones you want.

Customized Courses

1. Start-up

 2. Marketing

3. Accounting

4. Financial Literacy

5. Intellectual Property  

6. Importing and Exporting

R U Ready 4 Bizness?


testimonial corner

Marcus Garvey Academy

I learned a lot from the Entrepreneurship Project. Some of the main things I learned were how to be an entrepreneur, the ups and downs of starting and running a business, plus the qualities of teamwork- relentlessness, persistence, dedication and patience. The most valuable lesson I learned was that just because someone is different doesn’t mean they are not capable of doing things. We are all unique and innovative when given the equal chance to show it!

rebekah_anthony REBEKAH ANTHONY
Marcus Garvey Academy

I learned so many things in the Entrepreneurship Project, that now I am urging myself to become an entrepreneur one day. I am so glad I joined the program because it helped me understand what it takes to become an entrepreneur and experience all of the obstacles hands-on. The EP is a wonderful program for youths- it just needs to be longer!