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Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

Coach Certification Program


Bringing the Training to Your State

The RU Ready 4 BIZness Entrepreneurship Coach Certification Program is designed to give educators the resources and skills they need to empower students to become the leading innovators of the world. The program is taught by certified teachers who know first-hand the challenges that educators face daily. Teachers today are dealing with more administrative work than ever, with new accountability standards and increased standardized testing. These regulations take away precious instructional time. We are here to minimize such disruptions to student learning by offering step-by-step instructions for leading a student-tcentered classroom.

We will provide training to educators on how to use the curriculum in a fun and exciting environment. Educators will role-play and participate in Team Challenges, just like the students. The assignments are intensified and stimulating, encouraging educators to “think outside the box”. We will turn educators into entrepreneurial coaches by empowering them to bring a passion for business to their classrooms.

Our goal is to inspire teachers and ignite an entrepreneurial spirit that they will in turn cultivate within their students. Unlike most curriculums, we bring the training to the teacher, requiring no travel on their part. If teachers need additional support, we offer in-school consulting for small groups. They can also use our online forum to ask questions and share ideas.

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Marcus Garvey Academy

In the Entrepreneurship Project, I learned that you should try, try and try again. More importantly, never give up on your dream. It is ok to fail but always get back up again. The program taught me what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how to develop a product and pursue your dreams no matter what.



Kettering West Wing High School

I learned that Milton Hershey was the founder of the Hershey Company. Milton Hershey discovered the perfect ingredients of caramel and milk chocolate, which made him into the largest milk chocolate manufacturer and distributor. He built his factory to make chocolate in Pennsylvania, hired workers from the community, and kept it running for several generations. I also learned that Milton Hershey started a school for orphaned boys, but today both girls and boys attend the school. The Milton Hershey School goes from kindergarten to high school. Upon graduation, each student receives $75,000 to go to college. Mr. Hershey believes in helping others succeed. I also learned that Mr. Hershey failed and failed, but he never gave up… and that is why he succeeded.